As simple as a couple clicks and uploading your paperwork and photos!

Claims instructions are on the insurance certificate.

Please retain all your packing materials and take photos of the damage. If the shipment needs to be inspected, you will be notified by the insurance provider after the claim has been submitted.

You must report your claim with 48 hours from receiving product

What is required to file a claim?

Tracking number / BOL (Waybill) Number
Shipment Date
Evidence of insurance
Evidence of value
Proof of damage for loss/missing contents

PARTNER NOTE If you purchased coverage through a Shipping Insurance Shop partner, make sure to contact the partner for directions on filing a claim. Often times claims are filed directly on the partner’s website or application. is a division of Transportation Management Group 


1. Examine Packaging and take action:

✓ Write comments clearly on all shipping receipts about any irregularities, even if minor
✓ Verify that container seal numbers match those noted on documents
✓ Notate when a seal is broken
✓ Preserve all packing, damaged goods and seals until further advised
✓ Retain all salvageable products until further advised
✓ Be as specific as possible in your documentation and take photos if possible

2. Prevent further loss or damage. For example:

✓ Separate wet cargo from dry cargo
✓ Re-pack to prevent further loss or damage
✓ Move goods to a secure location

3. Notify Carrier(s) immediately:

✓ All carriers must be notified in writing immediately to avoid time-bars releasing them from their responsibility.
✓ Concealed Damage must be reported in 2 days of receipt or it will be time-barred

4. Retain all Documents and Submit copies to insurer

✓ Copy of Insurance Declaration
✓ Commercial Sales Invoice(s)
✓ Non-Negotiable copies of all Bills of Lading
✓ Copies of all Delivery Receipts at each point in transit, with exceptions noted thereon
✓ Statement listing exact amount being claimed and/or Repair estimates (if applicable)
✓ Photographs of Damage (if applicable)
✓ Carrier’s confirmation of non-delivery (if applicable)

5. Obtain a Claim Confirmation Notice from the insurance company immediately!

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