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  • Instant Certificates    
  • Parcel Insurance    
  • Parcel Minimum Cost    
  • Freight Insurance    
  • Freight Minimum Cost    
  • Flat Rate Pricing    
  • Parcel Cost per $100    
  • Freight Cost per $100    
  • Deductible    
  • Coverage Limit    
  • $0.55
  • $0.80
  • $0.80
  • $0.80
  • < $2000 - $000
    > $2000 - $500
  • $5,000,000.00
  • $1.05
  • variable $$
  • $1000.00
  • $55.00
  • $2.75
  • $500.00
  • $500,000.00
  • $2.05
  • $4.60
  • No Deductible
  • $5000.00

Pricing table based on standard ground rates domestically.

3rd Party Insurance is insurance purchased on your behalf through a private company not affiliated with the carrier. They agree to cover your package in the event of loss or damage.


Can be purchased with shipping costs through some providers.
Can be purchased seperately through some providers. One provider gives you up to 3 days to purchase insurance.
Costs less than some other methods.
Some providers share the revenue with the seller.
Claim processing time is often 1-2 weeks.
Many 3rd party providers will cover international shipments.
Damages can often be proved by photograph instead of having to be in person.

Providers are often lesser known.
May take an additional step if your insurance provider is not the same place you purchase your postage from.

Self Insurance is when the seller is assuming the responsibility of the package. In other words, if your package were to become lost or damaged the seller would be the one to cover the refund or replacement out of pocket.

Claim processing time can be extremely quick since there is no middle man.
The money saved on insurance costs may allow the seller to offer insurance at a lower rate, or to be able to provide their products at a better deal.


Seller may not honor their agreement. But as you’ll see later in this guide, that can be an issue irregardless of which insurance method used.
If the seller does not set aside funds to cover the possibility of claims, they may not have the funds available to issue a refund or replacement in the event of a claim. This is more of an issue with high ticket items.

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