You cannot help but to get nervous when a shipment has to go to (or come from) another country. Shipping Insurance is always optional when freight or small packages internationally.


What Country Is Your Shipment Going To?

How much can you trust the importing authorities of the destination country? By shipping from the US you will need to have your shipment inspect by customs but what about all countries? Do we assume that they all have the same perils? Believe it or not, there are countries that perform with the highest regard for their citizens.

If you guessed Japan, you would be right. Japan has been known for it’s honesty as well as respect for others. You could probably send a bag of diamonds in an envelope to Japan and they would deliver without a single one missing.

Other countries are less reliable. We can start with USA as one and here we have a list of restricted countries for you to see who is on Santa’s naughty list of shipping.

“You may find that custom officials may be less careful, or expensive items may not receive the care you would hope for. Due to this we suggest when in doubt, insure,”  says CEO Shannon Steede of Shipping Insurance Shop.


What Carrier Are You Using To Ship?

DHL, UPS, USPS and FedEx all manage import and export shipping. Typically you will have an automatic $100 coverage on your shipment but if your item is worth more, you should think about purchasing shipping insurance.

Private companies like UPS and DHL tend to do better and are more reliable than the USPS. Your shipments stay in network and have transit faster than USPS who will hand off to the destination countries carrier. Most likely your shipment will arrive fine but should you chance it?


What Is being Shipped?

Fragile items are always the concern of proper packaging and transportation. Anything that is packaged well should arrive safely when shipping internationally.

Say you purchase a camera from a reputable manufacturer. It will arrive in factory packaging that is designed to travel well without risk of damage. Take that same purchase from a seller on eBay. They have the same camera and was used lightly. Do you think that the eBay seller is going to have the ability to package as well as a factory? This is one of those times that you should consider shipping insurance, especially if shipping overseas.


What Is The Value Of Your Shipment?

Makeup samples or paper items may not have inherent damage issues due to the commodity and carrier valuation may be enough to cover the value.

Let’s raise the stakes a little. Say you found handmade chandelier that was fragile but will look SOOOOO good in the hallway. Would you chance that it will arrive without damage if shipped internationally? Say that chandelier purchase price was $3000. Would you take your chances?

When in doubt, just insure it!

International Shipping insurance cost are extremely low and for piece of mind against potential loss or damage, we suggest covering your shipment with All Risk insurance. Now this is on you to decide if international shipping insurance is needed for you. Talk with any insurance agent and at some point you will hear them say “Better safe than sorry!”

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