Vienna-headquartered freight forwarder cargo-partner held a groundbreaking ceremony yesterday (August 30) as it began construction of a new warehouse near Slovenia’s Ljubljana Airport.

The iLogistics Center will provide 25,000 sq m of storage space, as well as 6,000 sq m of small parts and single-pick area, 5,000 sq m of cross dock and block storage space and 4,000 sq m of office space.

To be furnished with over 20,000 pallet slots and 44 truck docks, the site is located right next to Ljubljana Airport.

The iLogistics Center is scheduled to open its doors next year.

The groundbreaking event for the facility was organised in co-operation with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO) and was attended by the director of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Ljubljana, Peter Hasslacher, the Slovenian minister of economic development and technology, Zdravko Počivalšek, as well as representatives of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

Stefan Krauter, chief executive of cargo-partner, and Viktor Kastelic, managing director of cargo-partner in Slovenia, acted as hosts.

Speaking at the event, Hasslacher recalled: “cargo-partner has proven again and again to be ambitious, highly successful, reliable and trustworthy”. He applauded the company’s “significant investment in Slovenia”.

Krauter explained cargo-partner’s thinking behind its commitment in Ljubljana: “We are investing here in Slovenia because we believe that this special location near the ports of Koper and Trieste will remain an important gateway to Asia and the Mediterranean Sea as well as to former Yugoslavia, Transylvania, Hungary, Austria, southern Germany and parts of northern Italy.

“We have a very diligent and professional planning phase behind us, which will now be followed by a very productive construction phase.

“We want to build something which we can all be proud of and which will be the best recommendation for any logistics requirements in the region,” Krauter promised.

Kastelic added: “Slovenia is located right at the crossroads between Western and South Eastern Europe – you can’t get around it.

“In recent years, the state has recognised the opportunities offered by logistics as a strategic industry at the highest levels, and is beginning to make investments to fully utilise this potential.

“Our iLogistics Center is just one stone in this mosaic of opportunity.”

Finally, Počivalšek also pointed to Slovenia’s favourable “geostrategic location and its connection to regional market”, adding that the country is “gaining importance as a logistical vantage point”.

He further noted: “This is thanks in a large part to investments like the cargo-partner iLogistics Center, which bring higher added value and follow sustainable principles.

“cargo-partner has chosen Brnik, one of the most important entry points, and we sincerely wish for this location to continue to flourish in the future.

“This development will be supported by investments made in the area, which will also significantly contribute to the global competitiveness of the Slovenian economy,” Počivalšek said.