Any idea who the operator or operators will be? Supposedly it’s not your university.

This still has to be decided yet but as things stand, a main operator will be Sovereign Speed, a Hamburg-based logistics company and a driving force to bring the project up front.

It can be assumed that Frankfurt is not the only airport suited to these trailers. What will be the next steps to market the product internationally and turn it into a business

Although the cost for the autonomous vehicle is still very high, we assume the savings on waiting times and improved utilization will lead to a positive business case even on a small scale. So,
in the first phase after the project’s launch we want to expand our focus targeting additional utilizers. 

Basically, Smart Trailers can be operated at any airport with a larger cargo infrastructure where short-distance transports between handling agents and forwarder facilities is daily
Wrapping things up I would say that only the sky is the limit for our new industrial baby.

Interview: Heiner Siegmund

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