One Shipping Solution for Omnichannel Fulfillment

Logistyx Technologies is a longstanding provider of fast and flexible multi-carrier e-commerce shipping software that makes it easy to ramp up e-commerce shipping fulfillment without adding staff.

Many companies rely on Logistyx shipping solution to manage their omnichannel fulfillment needs – including ship-to-consumer, ship-to-DC, ship-to-store, and more.

Their shipping system compares carrier options for you. Their shipping software provides a built-in carrier rating engine that automatically compares all your carrier rates and services.

It also includes a user-configurable business rule engine in which you can add your customer-specific shipping rules, so you can be sure it’s choosing the lowest cost delivery option, every time. No staff interpretation necessary.

Logistyx has helped e-commerce companies ramp up their shipping to as much as 12X faster by cumbersome shipping steps that create bottlenecks during peak season.

One Shipping System to Manage All Your Carriers

If you’re considering the cost savings you can gain by adding different carriers to your delivery network, you’ll like the way Logistyx has simplified carrier management.

The Logistyx Technologies team has been in the shipping software business for decades, so they’ve configured their e-commerce shipping software to make it easy to add local, regional, national and international carriers.

One Shipping System to Manage All Your Carriers

Their customers use their multi-carrier shipping software to manage all the carriers – postal, regional, courier, less-than-truckload, and truckload – on one platform.

Ship to Any Customer, Anywhere

Logistyx e-commerce shipping software makes it easy to automate international shipping. Shipping glassware to Greece? Or designer blue jeans to Germany?

With the Logistyx system, global shipping is no problem. They’ve already integrated hundreds of carriers offering thousands of services onto their shipping platform, which means you’ll have no problems adding new delivery options as your international customer base grows.

An Efficient, Scalable Solution for Companies with a Growing Ecommerce Business

Integration to your existing systems? Logistyx Technologies has the experience. Their shipping software is also integrated with the industry’s leading e-commerce marketplaces and platforms, order management systems (OMS), enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs), and warehouse management systems (WMS).

Webcast | Today 8/23/2018 | 2:00PM ET Doubles Shipping Throughput Without Adding Staff

Paul McLellan, President

Service Lighting and their online superstore,, have provided lighting solutions for more than 1 million businesses and homes since 1951. When Paul McLellan, President, launched the company’s online store in 1996, he knew that technology was going to drive the growth of their company. Now, their ecommerce site brings in 80% of their business.

Business Challenge had six shipping workstations, all with standalone, carrier-provided shipping software. The shipping process was cumbersome.

“Shipping was our biggest bottleneck,” McLellan said, “We needed to find a way to automate our process and increase productivity.”

The Solution was able to go from six shipping workstations to two stations, combining the Logistyx shipping software, Rice Lake iDim 3D Dimensioning systems and two Size-IT mobile dimensioning calculators.

They gained tremendous efficiency. When sales doubled in their peak season, they were able to handle all of the shipping volumes on the two shipping workstations without adding staff.

To learn more about the solution, attend today’s Webcast at 2:00 PM ET where Paul McLellan, President of will share how the company’s logistics operations created an integrated shipping and dimensioning solution that enables the online superstore to absorb sudden, large spikes in shipping volume and all without adding additional staff.

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