August 6, 2018

Application Scenario

In the long-haul trucking industry, the management of vehicle fleets can be extremely challenging.

This is because the vehicles are geographically spread, the back-end dispatch center must consolidate information for billing and invoicing, and customer service staff require real-time delivery information to communicate with customers.

Additionally, there never seems to be enough time to complete all tasks in this highly competitive industry.

A large US company attempted to address these issues to improve its operating efficiency and remain competitive.

At this company, the billing and invoicing tasks were typically conducted at the end of the workday when the bills of lading were collected from the drivers.

However, the company was looking for a way to perform these tasks during the workday.


Advantech TREK-570 in-vehicle computing box satisfied all the carrier’s requirements and provided an additional benefit. Specifically, the new system enabled delivery confirmations and invoices to be sent within 10 minutes after delivery, improving invoice payments and customer service.

TREK-303 features a 7” TFT LCD screen with a backlight and adjustable brightness. With its rugged aluminum enclosure, the system is tolerant of vibration, dust, and water, and supports a wide operating temperature range, making it ideal for extreme in-vehicle environments.


Advantech fleet management solution provides long-haul trucks with real-time wireless access, as well as the following benefits:

  • Immediate delivery notifications provided to customers
  • Increased efficiency through workflow load balancing
  • Waterproof, dustproof, and IP54-certified I/O protective cover design for harsh in-vehicle environment
  • Real-time data transmission enhances delivery fleet management efficiency

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