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Holiday shipping picks up
The holiday shipping boom will pick up Monday morning. Experts are predicting it to be one of the busiest years on record. They say a surge in online sales spawned the additional deliveries. Online shopping hit some record numbers as well. Sales online
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Holiday shipping up as peak season approaches
Daily Press
Holiday shipping is up this year, with the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx and UPS all expecting increased volume in packages delivered in December. The U.S. Postal Service is anticipating a 20 percent jump nationwide in shipping this holiday season. A UPS
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Banning Post Office Open This Sunday for Holiday Shipping
The United States Postal Service is gearing up for the busy holiday shipping season and offering some expanded hours at select locations to help you get your packages out. “With extended hours, at select locations, and several easy and convenient
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Manage holiday shipping without the headache
Sierra Sun
TRUCKEE, Calif. — For those with loved ones and friends far away, the approaching holiday season may not bring joy, but stress due to the holiday shipping hassle. With the following tips provided by shipping experts at The Office BOSS, located in
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Apple posts holiday shipping deadlines
Dan has been writing about all things Apple since 2006, when he first started contributing to the MacUser blog. Since then he’s covered most of the company’s major product releases and reviewed every major revision of iOS. In his “copious” free time
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2012 Holiday Shipping, Mailing Deadlines
Are you one of the many holiday revelers with families and friends spread all over the country and the world? If so, even before you dive into that gift list, it’s important to know how early must you buy, wrap and post holiday gifts so they get to
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Holiday shipping deadlines
Cassville Democrat
Christmas is less than three weeks away, which means time is running out for those interested in preparing and shipping holiday packages through the United States Postal Service (USPS). Parcel Post Service packages must be postmarked by Friday, Dec.
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Holiday shipping surge set to begin
Herald Times Reporter
26 — is the day many online retailers hold sales to attract consumers, and is a leading reason for the surge of Internet purchases, according to UPS and FedEx, and one of the drivers in the increasing number of packages being shipped this holiday season.
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Holiday shipping deadlines loom
MyFox Tampa Bay
The holidays are fast approaching and if you don’t get your packages into the mail soon, they are not going to be there in time. Regina Pugh, the owner of the UPS store on South Mac Dill Avenue in Tampa, says some people know the drill. “Then we have
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Take the Stress Out of Holiday Shipping
The Online Seller
So, as a seller, if the joyous holiday season fills you with fears of late shipments and dissatisfied customers, relax. With just a little planning and some well-tuned communication, you can avoid the typical holiday shipping troubles, keeping the
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