Consumer Complaints

We watched the TV add. Thought it was an offer for the cooktop, + the cookware set for 3 payments of $33.33 ($99.99) + Shipping + Handling of $29.95 for the first package and a second package free with just the $29.95 shipping and handling. Total I thought would be $159.89. Wrong! They charge S+H on each part of the Cookware sets, even the one included with the first unit. My S+H totalled $219.75, for a total of $359.59!

I had my wife call to place the order. It was 2:00am at the time but it said limited time offer so we called then. She spent the next 40 minutes turning down offer after offer for everything from magazines to cruises. She did decide to add the Grill accessory ($38.85 + $29.95 S+H) bringing what she thought we had spent to $228.69. Though I expect my wife agreed to the total so we will pay it, but I feel we were tricked.

The products appear to be good and so far the thing works as expected just be aware that the price may be higher than you think it is. If I had ordered this on line I would have noticed the total and would not have purchased it. It may be legal but deceptive at least.

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