You see sites all across the internet that compile rates or compare prices. Why should Shipping Insurance be any different? Welcome to Shipping Insurance Shop, the first and only comparison shipping insurance site in the world.

Many companies offer integrated services with shipping and also offer shipping insurance but do you really get what you need that way? Sure, it is a matter of convenience but if you are paying for shipping insurance, not all systems are created equal.

By focusing on online shipping insurance for freight and small parcels, we do not force shippers to use an inferior policy or potentially no coverage at all. Get competitive rates from several insurance providers depending on the coverage needed and what/where you are shipping.

There are many dedicated companies that offer shipping insurance and do a fantastic job but there are quite a few that are not licensed or offer a piece of paper with no value. Research your online shipping insurance company and take the time needed to ensure you have coverage. Maybe you should take a look at your current provider. Are you protected?


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