ORTEC- one of the leaders in optimization software and analytics solutions – has launched the ORTEC Routing Suite.

The new solution optimises the daily operations of logistics companies—retailers, shippers, fourth party logistics providers (3PLs and 4PLs), and logistics service providers (LSP)—by dynamically scheduling deliveries, resources and loads.

The Suite consists of ORTEC’s flagship logistical advanced planning and scheduling product, ORTEC Routing & Dispatch, and leading industry variants, ORTEC Inventory Routing for fuels, gas and chemicals logistics, and ORTEC Service Planning for B2B and B2C services providers.

Daniel Taylor, Product Manager for the ORTEC Routing Suite confirms: “new collaborative portals, such as the Carrier Portal and Driver App, provide planners and other users alike with both easy access and tools to collaborate and interact with the planning process. Moreover, innovations in our optimization engines also enables users to consider factors in the planning and scheduling process that customarily lie outside the route planning domain. This is made possible, for example, through the new the forecasting engine for VMI customers in ORTEC Inventory Routing, the customer time-slot booking engine in ORTEC Service Planning, and the depot departure smoothing algorithm in ORTEC Routing & Dispatch”.

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