Cargolux carries expensive horses
The Luxembourg based all cargo carrier is no stranger to the carriage of live animals around the world. This especially applies to horse transport, where Cargolux carries up to 3,000 thoroughbred
horses annually.
A week or so ago Cargolux flew a shipment of very valuable race horses from Luxembourg to Jakarta for participation in the Asian games which are held from August 18th to September 2nd. In a part
charter operation, the airline made special planning for the highly sensitive animal transport. CV uses specially designed HMC horse stalls which accommodate three horses per box. A unique
‘double layer pallet base’ reduces motion feeling for the horses, something which is beneficial for them in bad weather and during take-off and landing cycles. Cargolux can accommodate between 84
to 90 horses on their B747 freighters, depending on whether they use the -400F or -8F series aircraft.

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