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Rudee Bertie, Founder and Managing Director of CCL, reflects on the need for businesses to transform, in order to remain competitive in a changing world.

The only certainty in business, is that from one year to the next, you’re going to have to deal with change.

Change may come from a disrupted global economy, from new laws or regulations; it could arise from changes in social habits or fashion, from new competitors entering the market, or new technologies disrupting the status quo. Change comes from anywhere and everywhere. The question is, how adaptable are you?

Small Beginnings

CCL began life almost 20 years ago as a simple customs broker. It was a business reliant on paper-based processes. Our stock-in-trade was carbonless forms, faxes and telexes.

Over the years the business expanded, through increased trade into mainland Europe and gateway clearance to the Eurozone, then through the explosive growth of eCommerce. That meant more paper and we soon realised we were gonna need a bigger boat.

#MoreThanPackages – a Digital Ecosystem

We needed to drive up our data processing capability, whilst maintaining clearance processes that worked. There were workflow systems out there, but nothing which could be tailored to our needs – so we built our own. It was outside our comfort zone, but we saw the potential.

The result is MyCCL, our enterprise software solution. Today MyCCL manages every aspect of our operations, from the warehouse through clearance and payment processing to accounts. It embraces job creation, barcode scanning, status management and invoicing, end-to-end process management. And because we designed it, every element incorporates CCL’s best practice processes and expertise.

Complementing MyCCL is CC Collect, our App-based payment processing solution for DDU/DAP consignments. CC Collect is designed to speed up collections and reduce non-payments and return goods, offering a cost-effective and professional service to eCommerce retailers and delivery service providers, and ease-of-use and convenience to the consumer.

MyCCL and CC Collect are now the foundation stones of CCL’s digital ecosystem, key steps toward our vision for CCL as an eCommerce logistics company for the digital age.

But park that concept for now, whilst we deal with the small matter of…


Talking of change, there’s one enormous disrupter approaching: BREXIT.

On 24th June 2016, when we woke to the news that the UK electorate had voted to leave the EU, we knew CCL would change. But how? One year on, we still don’t know the details of Brexit. Not only are we dealing with change; we’re dealing with uncertainty too.

But we ALL have to respond to the fact that soon the UK will be outside the EU. We must allow for multiple possibilities: the Customs Union, or a customs union, or no customs union; closed or open, soft or hard borders around Europe; a new trading climate and new trading agreements around the world.

Opportunity Knocks

Long before Brexit, we’d been looking ahead, planning how our company should develop. That’s not luck – we do this continually. Not a year has gone by since we started trading, that we haven’t taken a long look at our position and capabilities and strategised for the future. That’s where MYCCL and CC Collect first entered the frame.

CCL’s customers rely on our wisdom and expertise. We’ve earned our market leading position and we needed to provide leadership and confidence in the uncertain post-referendum climate. Our additional challenge as a business focused on gateway clearance into the Eurozone, was to re-engineer our proposition for this uncertain new order, to capitalise on the opportunity of Brexit. That’s right. Opportunity. Whatever you think of Brexit, that’s the word to keep in mind as you evaluate your own corporate future.

This article is an extract from the Autumn Edition of MER Magazine published in August 2018. You can read the full article as well as other articles  from MER for free by visiting

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