Outstanding performance
Swiss WorldCargo has become an indispensable component of Switzerland’s economy, as data proves: On measured value: every third exported Swiss franc flies via air cargo, and every sixth imported
Swiss franc is dependent on air freight. “Our customers understand the importance of the reliable cargo services we constantly offer them not only for their own business affairs but also for the
economic well-being of the entire country,” states Bhat. Anyone not believing this should take a look at Swiss WorldCargo figures compiled by IATA interest group Cargo iQ that evidence a constant
flown-as-booked performance reliability of more than 95 percent. 
This is a knightly accolade since Cargo iQ is the globally acknowledged neutral tool to measure the transport quality of carriers. “These Cargo iQ monitored records help us to get a better
understanding of our performance from the customer perspective, highlighting at the same time to what extent we have been able to fulfill the services expected from us,” adds Cargo Communications
Executive Fabian Mettler.

Superior claims management is half of the pie
His chief Ashwin Bhat adds to this that the proficiency of any cargo carrier comes to light particularly in case irregularities happen. “Then the key issue is how to deal with them.” In the case
of Swiss WorldCargo, customers know that any problem which has occurred is immediately taken care of, comforting them to a certain degree. “The positive feedback we have received from our clients
in this respect adds to our reputation, putting us up front when it comes to service, reliability, and knowledge.” This all is the result of a team effort. So “don’t pat yourself on your own
shoulder,” he keeps telling his staff, “but clap on the shoulders of your neighbors, sitting next to you, praising them for their contribution,” Mr Bhat’s motivational saying goes.

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