UPS and the Teamsters union have reached a tentative agreement on pay and benefits for 1,300 aircraft mechanics and related employees.

The union members will vote on the tentative agreement – negotiated by the Teamsters Local 2727 section – in a secret ballot referendum in September.

In a statement issued yesterday (16 August), the Teamsters said that the deal “sets a new bar for aircraft mechanics in the U.S. airline industry, with pay rates and benefits that surpass those at FedEx and all other major U.S.-based carriers”.

“Upon ratification of the new contract,” added the Teamsters, “Local 2727 members will become the highest paid aviation mechanics in the country by a wide margin.”

The Teamsters said that the agreement offers “dramatic” increases in pay for all mechanics and related employees, including an immediate 16% pay increase and 3% raises each “resulting in a 30.7% increase in pay from current rates by the end of the contract”. There will also be an increase in UPS’s pension contributions and other benefits.

Meanwhile, the Teamsters announced on Wednesday (15 August) that they have ratified a contract for 90 drivers working for’s online grocery home delivery service in the Seattle area. The group are the first home delivery drivers to work under a union contract.

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