What are Shipping Scams?

Shipping scams, similar to Payment Processing scams, usually originate as phony job offers sent out by fraudulent companies. These fake positions require the Job Seeker to receive packages, such as Electronics, DVD, CD’s and other items, and then re-ship the packages overseas to another location.
The fraudulent company usually promises that they will pay a commission per shipment, as well as cover any shipping fees. The Job Seeker receives the items at home, fills out the custom forms, and then re-ships the packages overseas. The “employer” sends a check or initiates a direct money transfer to the Job Seeker and, a few days later, the bank notifies the “employee” that the recently deposited funds are fraudulent. The bank holds the person on the account liable for the funds and, in certain cases, will seek legal action.
The goods received by the “employee” in this position are commonly obtained by the fraudulent company through unauthorized credit card purchases online. The fraudulent employer purchased the items illegally and then uses the Job Seeker to “launder” the goods overseas. Not only is the Job Seeker potentially fined for fraudulent deposits to their account by the bank, but could also be facing legal action from the credit card company for “laundering products” or even criminal prosecution for receipt of stolen goods.

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