woocommerce shipping insurance

Woocommerce Shipping Insurance

You can see on woocommerce DOCS (here) there is no “easy way” to offer shipping insurance. Now that is no longer the case. Before you had to add it to a price but now, with one free plugin, you have a solution that works right at your check out.

Our App for Woocommerce Shipping Insurance offers the below. It is free to use, no sign up fees or monthly subscriptions.


Shoppers side:
- see add shipping insurance to order at checkout
- calculated value based on purchase rate (round up to next $100)
- Pay for insurance during check out
- link to show coverage and policy (by accepting you have reviewed our terms and conditions)

Admin side:
- Enroll for insurance 
- Turn on/off shipping insurance 
- Allow markup to store (percentage or flat $)
- Allow store to set minimum fee for insurance 
- US Dollar or Canadian display
- Domestic and International Shipping Insurance
- Button to submit shipment data to get coverage
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